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Students – Where to revise?

Head of Training, Sander de Groot, shares some ideas on where to study and revise;

  1. Your bedroom – For many of you, this will be the easiest and most convenient place to revise. It can also easily fit your schedule, as well as have all your study materials at hand. Its comfort can be a mixed blessing if you take too many naps so our advice is not to sit or lie on the bed whilst revising. Make sure that distractions are minimised; turn off the phone, TV and games console.
  2. If your school has a study area or common room, then this can be convenient for studying alone or in small groups. However, if the noise or distractions from other students are too distracting, then move to where your studying will become more effective, perhaps the school library.
  3. The kitchen or dining room at home could be conducive to studying, with lots of space for all your notes. You also have snacks at hand, but eat fruit and sandwiches, not just crisps and sweets.
  4. Your living room is unlikely to be a great place for revising.  With soft, comfortable seating, lots of visual and auditory distractions such as the TV and radio and other family members chatting, it may not be the best option for a study space.
  5. The local library will provides a quiet environment and all the services you need such as photocopying, computers and wifi. You may well be inspired by all the other focused and studious people there!

Wherever you choose to study or revise, remember to have a glass of water to hand and give yourself regular, short breaks. Follow these tips and become a pro-reviser.

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