About Us

I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved since our inception in 2010 and feel honoured to be doing the work I do – sharing strategies for independent thinking and learning. I could not have imagined it years ago, but the formation of MADE now seems a logical step in my career path; a coming together of my interests in pedagogy (from teaching), systems and processes (from business) and personal development (from coaching). I am grateful to Corin, whose encouragement has spurred me on to develop this comprehensive suite of workshops for students, teachers and parents and to the entire MADE team in their dedication to delivering outstanding workshops. I hope that you and your students enjoy participating in the workshops as much as I have enjoyed creating them and benefit from them as much as I continue to benefit from the tools and strategies therein.

Sander de Groot BA Hons, PGCE, MA

Head of Training
My role is primarily about listening, listening to teachers and senior leaders describe their schools and explain their strategies for improving teaching and learning. I know that every educational institution is different and faces distinct challenges and having worked in the education sector for over 10 years I have seen the landscape and expectations continue to change. From a position of understanding your school and its needs, I can help you to choose the right workshops to meet your aims and objectives. From the first conversations with Sander about our vision for MADE to the realisation of where we are today, it has been an incredible journey and one that I have loved every minute of. I never get tired of telling people what MADE do and I’ll never get tired of hearing people say to me “I wish I’d had that when I was at school!”

Corin Mitchell

Project Manager

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