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A bespoke service

MADE understands that each institution, cohort or team is different. Each group has a different set of challenges. We acknowledge that for sustainable change to take place, an approach needs to be taken that fits with the ethos, mission and budget of each client that we work with. Our commitment to you is that all work undertaken in partnership with us will be carefully planned to meet the needs of your people.

The MADE consultation process

How do we go about creating a project for you? Our six-step consultation process allows us to work in collaboration with our clients, helping them move towards their desired objectives.

Identify needs – The first step is to identify the needs of the client. Many of our clients will have undertaken detailed performance analysis. MADE can help you to reflect on the data available and suggest the type of training that would yield the best results.

Design programme for change – The next step is to decide on a strategy for instigating and enabling change. Working together, we will choose the appropriate workshops or design a bespoke programme, tailored to your needs.

Build motivation – Before the programme begins, all delegates should be made aware of the benefits that the proposed training will bring. All delegates should be anticipating the programme and have ideas on how it will help them move forwards.

Live delivery – This may take the form of workshops, keynote presentations, coaching or a combination of all these elements.

Sustainable engagement – To ensure that momentum for change is carried forward, we recommend that thought be given to the issue of sustainability. We can help you to revisit the ideas shared within the change programme, keeping your personnel focused on making the necessary adjustments which will result in an overall increase in performance.

Monitoring and evaluation – To ensure high standards of delivery and management, all projects undertaken by us are monitored and evaluated. The client is supplied with a detailed report on delegate engagement and satisfaction.


Please call one of our project managers today on 0800 2707660 to discuss your challenges and how we can help.


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