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Case study: The Reigate School

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Case study: The Reigate School

“Thanks once again for the truly inspirational sessions Sander and Joe provided and can you pass on the schools thanks to them for their work. I have asked members of staff and students to provide quotes for you. Please find these below:”

‘Thought provoking, inspirational and very high impact’.
Richie Emerson, Assistant Head Teacher

‘The Exams Made Easy session was very effective, giving students a range of interesting strategies to remember their learning. By engaging them in a range of active learning experiences they were able to see revision as less daunting.’
Jane Stokes, Assistant Head Teacher

‘The energy and delivery of the team was excellent and superbly judged to engage and motivate our students.’
Matt Alexander, Deputy Head Teacher

‘Resources, presentation materials and delivery style were highly effective in engaging and motivating students.’
Michelle Metcalfe, Assistant Head Teacher

Student quotes:

‘I thought the exams made easy work shop was amazing. I have already adopted the mind map technique and got through twice the amount of revision I would normally.’
Matt – Year 11

‘I loved the motivation session. I am not the most motivated person but this gave me more confidence to achieve my career and life goals.’
Katherine – Year 11


Richie Emerson – Assistant Head Teacher, Reigate School

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