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C/D intervention focus days

With schools across the country analysing data from mock examinations and student performance charts, many have now identified their ‘C/D Borderline’ cohorts.

Last year our C/D Intervention Group Focus Days made a huge impact in schools during the build up to the GCSE examinations. These engaging and thought-provoking days combine effective study skills, motivation techniques and goal setting tools. We aim to share with students not only the skills to better prepare for their examinations but also equip them with the mindset to believe that they can achieve their target grades.

This year we have already begun the process of allocating dates for those schools we worked with last year and their neighbouring schools who have heard about the effectiveness of our workshops.

If you would like to find out more about our C/D Borderline Focus Days then please call Corin Mitchell on 0800 2707660.

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