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The exam-heavy months of May and June offer our training team a break from intensive live delivery and allow us to focus on research and development. In the past we would look at what was working, what needed refinement and what needed changing. This year, we have taken a slightly different approach. It all stemmed from a conversation I had last summer with the vice president of a major software company. I asked him to describe the process of bringing a new product to market. His answer was surprisingly concise: “Go and ask your customers what their biggest challenges are, then figure out which ones you can help them with.” Now, this isn’t really rocket-science, but it lit my mental fuse! Consequently over the last eight months I have had conversations with many Headteachers, Assistant Headteachers and other experts from across the country. I was determined that when we created our next new workshop, it would be 100% relevant and suitable for the students that we worked with.

‘Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet.’ ~ Kevin Stirtz

The people that I spoke to actually made it straight forward for me. They knew what MADE specialised in and how we worked with passion to educate and inspire their students. Two common themes that came through were:

  • Help our students to work hard throughout year 10, rather than leaving a mountain to climb in year 11
  • Our students tell us that they don’t know how to revise. Teach them how to revise.


Senior leaders spoke and we listened. We then took two main actions.

  1. The refinement of our popular Exams MADE Easy course to include a greater emphasis on intensive revision, exam preparation and exam technique.
  2. The creation of new workshop for 2014-2015 called Studying MADE Simple. This new course, designed specifically with year 10 in mind, will help students to adopt positive study and revision habits throughout the year.


Students spoke and we listened. This month has also seen us pour over the feedback from over 20,000 students in order to inform our development process. The most common suggestions for improvement were:

  • More time amongst students to discuss the strategies
  • More time to show how the techniques could be applied to real examples
  • Even more active learning exercises


We have worked hard to integrate all your suggestions into our development strategy and are proud of the new and revised workshops. We would like to thank all those who have taken their time in providing us with advice and feedback: your assistance allows us to share the best possible strategies and guidance with your students and staff.

We are always thrilled to receive your comments and feedback. info@made-training.com

With thanks,
Sander de Groot – Head of Training


MADE would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people for their time and advice:
Dr Joe Vitagliano, Headteacher
Claire Dickens, Progress Manager
Tim Beesley, Headteacher
Patrica Livesey, Assistant Headteacher
Paul Winter, Head of Expressive Arts
Marion Christoforou, Vice Principal
Steven Sandhu, Consultant
Nick Mason, Head of Year
Daniel Pell, Vice President
Wendy Tutton, Deputy Headteacher
Atul Karia, Assistant Principal
Steven Fleet, Senior Tutor
Tony Thompson, Managing Director
Martin Silezin, Local Authority Commissioning Manager
Katherine Roff, Behaviour Change Specialist
Evelyn Hicks, Educational Consultant
Stuart Phillips, Business Manager
Mike Sutton, Deputy Headteacher
Julian Gerrish, Educational Coach

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