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Exams are coming!

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With hundreds of thousands of students sitting their GCSEs over the coming months, what advice do we have left to share? Staff in schools have planned and delivered a multitude of mock exams, additional revision sessions and immersion days, all to help students obtain their best possible results. We are delighted to have been a part of so many of these carefully planned interventions through our Exams MADE Easy workshops. So what is there left to say?


This year more schools than ever have chosen to include a Parent Twilight as part of a coordinated day of exam preparation workshops. These workshops allow us to share practical strategies with parents, focusing on effective communication and support. Typical comments following these sessions can be found here. At the end of the workshop, we supply parents with our Top 10 Exam Tips for Parents. This resource has proved extremely useful and has been shared by hundreds of schools over the last two years. Why not share this through your website or newsletter? Our experience tells us that parents are extremely grateful for additional support from the school when their children are sitting exams.


Is your bedroom conducive to studying? If you get distracted easily, then read our five point plan to create an effective study environment. Last month we also shared research on the most effective revision strategies. From all the MADE team we wish you all the best for the exam season.

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