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A great day at LVS Ascot

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LVS Ascot

Dear Corin

An excellent and extremely useful workshop for pupils, teachers and parents. Good value for money, no hidden costs and great that resources are included. Highly recommended.



Miss Chloe Phippen, Acting Head of Pastoral

Head of Year 11, Head of Media Studies, LVS Ascot


I know now that I should space my revision into chunks
It gave me new ways to revise and how to apply them
Ways that I can revise effectively and in a simple manner
It showed me there are better techniques to engage your brain
I identified which subjects are a priority and which techniques work for me
I found the best ways to spend my time and effort
The things that he taught us are really useful – I really enjoyed the roman room
Better revision techniques and time management
I learnt new techniques to revise and improve my grades
I will revise more effectively now since I now know how to. Maybe it won’t be so boring
I now know what other options for revision I have. I will go and try them
I now know how to make cue cards easier and I can use the read/transform/recall technique
It will help me revise for my upcoming maths exam
Widened the amount of revision techniques I’ll use
Made me see revision in a more positive and open way
Brilliant presenter who made the idea of revising less negative
Revise more effectively – use resources at home



Good memory techniques – Power of Diagrams – Memory associations
How simple, clear techniques have such an immediate and beneficial impact
I was surprised… I could use these at work too!! All good – thank you
Good ideas to help support daughter’s study for GCSEs at LVS Ascot
Very inspirational, upbeat and constructive
Good that the presenter recognises reality, not just theory
Very effective
Was a good reminder – will prompt me to action and to discuss with my two sons
Really good to sum up useful knowledge about how people learn
It’s given me ideas to help my own memory and I feel more confident in helping my children
Clear on how to create a good revision environment and boosted my enthusiasm to do so
Made me think
Clear on support for: time management / organisation / study
Good experience and very interesting
Positive impact on assisting my child’s GCSE revision. The session was fab
Simple reminders – break things up
Greater understanding of how to approach the process of revision. This was very useful!
Helpful overview of learning and revision skills
It was useful to see the different techniques. I found the FLORA particularly intriguing
Ideas on how to help my son prep for revision
Introduced techniques I was not aware of

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