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Head of Year 12 – Hackney

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“The sessions last week were great! Our students got so much out of the day and it was very useful for them to be able to reflect on themselves and their studies in order to be able to maximize their efficacy.

Both trainers were absolutely marvellous! They managed both of the groups well and the staff that were present were impressed by the way that they engaged with the students during the two workshop sessions, with serious reflective moments, light-heartedness and anecdotes over the course of the day. It certainly helped the students to be able to relate to them. Please thank them for their delivery of the sessions.

I hope you do get the opportunity to work with the Year 11 again this year. They could benefit a great deal from the friendly approach taken by Joe and Sander. 

Again, please thank Joe and Sander. I hope we are able to welcome them back very soon.”

Olu Adesanu, Head of Year 12, Bridge Academy, Hackney

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