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Exams MADE Easy at Honywood School

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Client: Honywood School

Workshops delivered: Exams MADE Easy + Parents event


Hi Joe,

The day was fantastic  and all of your sessions were fun, engaging and really informative. Making links to card counting, poker and TV quiz stars makes revision a million times more interesting, and your presentation style is perfect with the kids. In the process of making my own memory palace! 

Certainly going to persuade the boss to continue working with MADE and hopefully yourself again next year. 

Many thanks again,

Daniel Smith – Subject Leader for History, Honywood School


It motivated me to want to do well and taught me new and helpful revision techniques.
I’ve learnt new revision techniques that I will use in the future.
It opened my eyes to loads of great revision techniques.
It has given me more ways to revise and shown me how easy it is to remember things.
I really liked the memory palace idea and will use it to revise.
I have been able to identify how condensing information into Triggers will be more effective.
It was a great session, gave great advice on how to revise effectively.
Made revision more a lot easier and saw how you can condense difficult tasks to save time.
It has given me more fun and interesting ways to revise.
I now know how to revise in a way that will help me remember a lot more.
I really enjoyed it. Made improvements on my revision techniques and made it a lot more fun.
I now know how to revise properly and I will use it everyday from now on.
10/10. It has helped me realise that revision can be more exciting and not boring.
Taught me how to incorporate new techniques into my study sessions to remember more content.
I didn’t know how to revise before and what worked. Now I do. Thank you!
It gave me more revision techniques which will help me remember more content.
It has given me new ideas for revision that will help motivate me more to revise regularly.
It helped me to learn how to revise properly which will help me with my exams.
Made me more motivated to revise as they were good techniques that proved worked well.
Showed me a range of ways to revise and what will be most effective.
Helped me with more interesting ways to revise and made revision a lot more clearer.
It has motivated me to revise more because before I found revision boring & now it can be fun.
Taught me how to make flash cards better. I found the examples & ways it was explained interesting.
Motivated me to do more revision and has really helped me to know how to use my time more efficiently.

Some good ideas that I hadn’t thought of
Some good ideas to help Andrew with his exam revision – will try spaced learning technique
Helpful reminder of techniques
Gave some good strategies for revision techniques
Very enlightening
Will prompt me to talk to my son about revision and how I can help him
Gave me some strategies to discuss with my daughter
Useful session – thank you Honywood
Will discuss a plan with my son that he can commit to so that I don’t have to nag him
Made me realise that I don’t help or support enough
New view on the 20 minute repeated sessions, will be trying this one at home
Gave some additional ideas to the knowledge already had
It has made me think there is more than one way to revise
Nice to hear other parents problems and how they solve them
This session was fantastic. I have learnt so many hew ways to help my children
I’m so pleased I attended this meeting
Inspiring and motivational

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