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Hi Corin,

Thank you so much for the support pack. That’s an added bonus to an extremely successful workshop here yesterday.

Right from the beginning, the trainer, Joe was extremely professional and was so easy to get on with. He was organised and so accommodating. He was great with the pupils and they all really responded to him. All the comments I have received from them so far have been really positive.

From a teacher’s perspective, I thought the sessions were superb. All the strategies were so effective and the pupils and I were totally engaged throughout. I can see how this will benefit the pupils and the staff and hopefully have a positive impact on our pupils’ results.

Thank you so, so much for your services. I will certainly be recommending you and really hope that we can work together in the autumn term with a whole year group. I am particularly keen to involve our staff and parents in this training too. I will be in touch in due course.


Andrea Samuel-Jones

KS4 Standards’ Manager – Pontypridd High School

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