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A letter from a teacher to his KS4 Progress Leader

Email: letter from a teacher to his KS4 Progress Leader
21 November 2014 06:58
Location: Furness Academy

“Hi Sir,

I just wanted to write a quick letter to thank you for sharing what MADE training was all about. I must admit I was frustrated to lose my GCSE students for two lessons that day. However, when I went to the ‘sample’ training after school I was amazed at the effectiveness of the tools Joe was offering. Not only that, he was able to engage us and make us join in enthusiastically despite the current climate, despite the fact we knew we had more CPD to go to, and despite the fact we were absolutely shattered. Afterwards I was happy to lose my students for an entire day if this was the quality of their coaching.

I talked to GCSE students the following day and they could all remember what they were asked to remember using the tools he had taught them. I immediately used it to help them remember facts about proteins in three minutes. I also took it upon myself to try it with year 9 set 3 containing some very challenging students and they loved it and it worked. They were keen and engaged, just as we staff were. I didn’t even have to use sweets! I’ve used it across my classes with similar effect.

However, I only have two tools (Roman Room and the mind map technique.) I’m hungry for more! If Joe could return and give me more strategies it would be fantastic!

Cheers again Sir.’’

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