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Live Delivery


The entire team at MADE is passionate about live delivery. Our sessions are carefully designed and created to produce the greatest possible impact. With extensive experience in delivering workshops, lessons, lectures, presentations and seminars, MADE is confident that its programmes will inspire and enthuse every audience.

Change through Learning

Our belief is that change occurs through learning and that learning occurs through action and reflection. Therefore, we have created a live delivery model which enables all delegates to fully understand the workshop content, initially through knowledge sharing, then through practice, and ultimately reflection. This is what we call the learning cycle. Learn – Practise – Reflect. All delegates will leave our sessions, knowing that they have completed one cycle, but it is to be the first of many. Ability comes after numerous cycles.


Our workshops are designed to be stimulating, educational experiences for all those involved. A variety of teaching styles and delivery processes are used to create maximum engagement from all learners. Each workshop contains:

  • Didactic learning – a set of specific topics, associated knowledge and techniques.
  • Cooperative learning – exercises to be performed by groups wherein which each participants knowledge and experiences will be utilised.
  • Collaborative learning – exercises prompting pairs and groups to learn something together.
  • Embodied learning – exercises in which each participant learns through action and direct experience.
  • Concrete outcomes – a set of clear learning objectives and outcomes.


The MADE style

Education + enjoyment = a memorable experience.  Our style of presentations has been described as fun, interactive and informative. We work hard to ensure that all delegates leave the training feeling inspired, motivated and confident that they have concrete ways of moving forward.

“The trainer’s manner, easy, relaxed yet engaging, had the students from the outset. He spoke to them in a wholly appropriate manner – and managed the group with ease. His use of humour and magic at one point had them!!!  The content was entirely right – catching their enthusiasm at the beginning of their year and giving them the self-belief that they can make all the difference to their own success. Thank you again for giving me a huge assist at the beginning of the school year with Year 12.”

Nigel Brown – Head of Sixth Form, Sudbury, Suffolk

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