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MADE in Ethiopia

A trip to Africa?
To work in a school in Ethiopia?
Visit Addis Ababa, the city known as the ‘new flower’?

Sounds good to me! It was with delight that I accepted an invitation from Tom Fifield, High School Principal to visit the school in January 2017 and work with their students, parents and staff. After discussing the needs and challenges of his students, we selected a programme of workshops and I was soon en route to Ethiopia. The car journey from the Airport to the school was exhilarating. Tom’s confidence behind the wheel was strong as he deftly manoeuvred the mini-van through what seemed to be self-organising traffic. I took in the sights and quizzed Tom on everything I saw. Addis Ababa is a beautiful city on the move; construction everywhere. Compared to the hustle and bustle of the street, Bingham Academy was an oasis of calm. When I arrived, I was welcomed by the staff and was soon feeling at home (apart from the sound of the Mongoose on the roof at night; I never got used to that!) The feeling of positivity and togetherness amongst the staff and students was quite amazing. Everyone was keen to learn and apply what I shared with them. I can imagine that spending a period at the school would lift any troubled soul. Working with them was a joy. I hope I will return in the future and experience it all over again. Many thanks to the Fifields for taking such good care of me.

Sander de Groot
Head of Training

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