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The MADE method

mindset + ability + drive = effectiveness

MADE focuses on helping both students and staff to raise their awareness of these elements and make the small adjustments that will trigger an increase in effectiveness and an improvement in results. The MADE method; MADE prides itself on not only explaining key theories and models of the mind, motivation, self-esteem and learning, but also to share and teach the tools, approaches and techniques necessary to begin applying these models directly to our lives. Our workshops will not only help your people to realise that success is possible, but will also give them the tools to achieve it.

mindset – A person’s mindset is the collection of ideas, attitudes and moods which he or she employs when approaching a situation. It can be defined as a mental framework. MADE will introduce your people to theories of mind and confidence, allowing them to explore their own thoughts and the potential for taking an active influence over their mental habits.

ability – Your ability is your level of competence in any activity or skill, influenced by aptitude and developed by training. MADE will give your people the tools and techniques needed for rapid self-development. Each of these tools is practised within the workshops. We believe in embodied learning; learning through experience.

drive – Drive is a state of motivation. Drive can be developed through having compelling reasons for taking action; a will to succeed. MADE will motivate your people by having them set targets for their academic/professional and personal development. We will also inspire them to realise that success is possible, through sustained effort, flexibility and persistence.

effectiveness – Being effective means functioning at an intensity that produces the desired results; operating at a level to accomplish a defined purpose. In other words, performance. The ultimate aim of all MADE training is to have the delegates ready to increase their performance and results when completing the programme.


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