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MADE Training launches Remote Learning Videos for students

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MADE Training the UK’s trusted experts in thinking, studying and revision strategies, have created a suite of bite-sized study skills videos for Year 9 – 13 students who are undergoing remote learning.

Delivered through a bespoke password-protected portal, the bite-sized videos have been grouped into two themes; Effective Note-Taking & Mind Mapping and Improve Your Memory.

Sander de Groot, Head of Training, introduces and explains each of the strategies and how they can be applied before participants are asked to reflect on their application and complete a short task.

The videos are accompanied by a printable workbook providing deeper learning of the strategies.

The videos have been trialled and tested in Crookhorn College, Portsmouth over the last 12 months and the feedback from students and staff has been glowingly positive.

Deputy Headteacher James Collins (featured in the video above) said:

Students have found these videos to be engaging and informative and the feedback we have gathered from them has been excellent. I would highly recommend the videos to other schools who are promoting study skills and independent learning that is so vital for students to achieve in GCSEs and further qualifications”

Headteacher Sarah Bennett said:

These bite-sized films are an excellent idea; a bit quirky, a bit leftfield. I think students are going to love them.”

Crookhorn students said:

“I really enjoyed the videos. They gave me lots of information and made me want to use the techniques straight away!”

“The videos were short, but also contained key points which really caught my eye and made me think how I could use them.”

“The videos were really easy to follow. The techniques are modelled through real examples which make the tasks easier to complete. Really good demonstrations!”

“Very useful, not too wordy and not too brief. Personally, I think they have the perfect amount of information to explain, demonstrate and practise the techniques.”

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