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Deputy Head – Essex

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“After nearly 10 years involvement in our sixth form I can honestly say this was one of the most successful and effective events we have put on! Our local area has not had a strong tradition of academic study so Sander’s session was a welcome demonstration of the Academy’s belief that our students can realise a greater potential for learning. What was most impressive was the effect that a session entitled ‘Exams Made Easy’ had on our mix of BTEC students and A-level students. The buzz was still going the next day, with students seeking out members of staff to say how much they had gained.

The sessions provided students with a toolkit of learning techniques, and the interest of the students was maintained by Sander’s excellent presentation style, just the right mix: clear explanations and enjoyable practical exercises, punctuated with brief episodes of pure entertainment.

One of the feedback sheets from a student who might not have been expected to even stay on into the sixth form in the past says it all: asked to summarise how she found the session she used a single word: ‘inspirational’.

I am going to do everything I can to ensure that more of our students get the benefit of your sessions in the future!”

Mark Souter – Deputy Head


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