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Infographic: The Power of Memory

As a child, you learned around 10 new words a day. This eventually progresses to around 100,000 words in our vocabulary. It is safe to say, somewhere along the line our memory has let us down. Whether it be recalling a certain event, sitting an exam or getting the words wrong to a song we so confidently thought we knew.

During exam periods, students rely heavily on their memory to be able to help retain as much information as possible. However, like many students, there gets to a point in revision where the information becomes harder to remember. This can have an impact on your memory and ability to take in information.

The Power of our Memory:

Here’s where MADE come in:

We understand the importance of being able to rely on your memory, whether you are revising chronological events in History, complex processes in Science or new French vocabulary. To assist you in developing your ability to retain and recall information, we have researched and collated a multitude of techniques to strengthen both your short and long term memory.

Each one of our workshops contains strategies for revising and memorising information alongside techniques for developing focus, motivation and independence. Through learning how to condense, sequence, retain and recall information, students build their confidence and look forward to studying both in school and at home.

Get in touch today and be memorised by our trainers’ memory! 

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