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‘Excellent as always’ – Millais School

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MADE have worked with the year 11 students at Millais School in Horsham for the past 6 years. This year, Deputy Headteacher, Mike Sutton decided to change his approach and get us to work with the students, staff and parents. We think that this is the best approach, to have all those supporting the students, singing from the same hymn sheet! Ths day was a great success as evidenced from the feedback below:

“Excellent as always – I particularly liked the Cornell method.  I found it brilliant, full of ideas I can use to help my students understand how to recall information. It’s always refreshing to have a session where you can take away new techniques to try.”

Head of Department, Millais School


Student Comments:

Clear ideas on useful revision techniques I would not have previously used
I thought sander was very helpful, clear and enthusiastic and gave me lots of different techniques
I now know different ways to revise and absorb information
It’s made me think of different ways I can revise effectively
I will rethink my revision methods
I now know how to condense information – it was excellent!!
It was useful because I can use these techniques in any subject
I found the most useful revision techniques for me
Helped discover new revision techniques and proved they actually work
It has made me aware of different ways to revise
It opened my eyes to new ways of revision
Motivated – learnt a range of techniques
Motivated me to revise more
Helped me think differently
Made me want to revise more and revise well
Encouraged me to revise better and use different methods for revision
Very interesting – opened my eyes to new ways of learning


Parent Comments:

It was very positive and easy to understand – entertaining
Reminded me of revision techniques I have used in the past
Consider the impact of revision time – more meaningful
Thank you – useful tips!
Very interesting and lively – helpful. Good points made
Useful exam techniques and benefit of discussing with daughter
I feel energised to approach the subject of revision afresh!
Very good – will be trying it out over Easter with my daughter
Really useful techniques described which I think will be useful not just for GCSEs
Opened my mind on how to study in a constructive way
Excellent! Techniques really interesting and useful
Lots of tips and ideas to try out – all the content was very useful
Excellent presentation – lots of very useful information
I will definitely work with my child on these techniques
Motivated me to discuss various techniques with my daughter
Better understanding of revision techniques
Highlighted that everyone has similar worries – thank you
More confident in knowing what works


Staff Comments:

Made me think about how memory works and what might work for me and for others
A really interesting session which introduced a range of new revision techniques
Generated ideas for classroom planning and how best to aid students’ memory
Will apply this department-wide
Gave time to think about application – thank you
It has taught me some very useful memory techniques – memory palace! It was grand
Fun and effective ways to learn
Great new ideas
Excellent refresher of exam techniques! Thank you for visiting Millais School
Has provided ideas for students to remember key maths formula
Given new ways to learn key quotations in English
Cornell method very useful
Excellent – lots of very useful content
Good ideas to help pupils revise
Lots of ideas to use in class for ordinary learning, not just revision
Excellent as always – particularly liked the Cornell method
I found it brilliant, full of ideas I can use to help my students understand how to recall info
It’s always refreshing to have a session where you can take away new techniques to try
Will be using the memory palace – I’ve learnt a lot – thank you
Liked the visualisation memory technique – thank you
Good ideas that I will use in some of my revision lessons
Excellent ideas for revision techniques to share with pupils


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