NCOP: The National Collaborative Outreach Programme is aimed at supporting the most disadvantaged young people in England in progress on to Higher Education (HE).

How do we help?

MADE can help to meet that objective by giving your target students the skills to clarify their aspirations, achieve their best possible academic results and make informed decisions in how to progress successfully. To create a sustained impact, we offer a blended programme of live, skills-based workshops with follow-on resources and exercises.

MADE has extensive experience in enhancing, delivering and evaluating outreach projects across the UK. We know that outreach interventions are considered most effective when delivered as a progressive, sustained programme of activity and engagement over time. Our workshops can fit seamlessly within a wider ‘integrated programme’ for learners, ensuring the delivery of your key messages.

We have supported over 35,000 students so far

Our involvement in the first two phases of the project has seen us deliver over 900 workshops in over 200 schools and colleges across the country, from Cornwall to Cumbria. Each geographic area has different challenges and therefore each NCOP consortia has selected the relevant sessions from our MADE workshop portfolio to meet the specific needs of their students. The table below shows which age groups we have worked with, which workshops we have delivered and the collected quantitative feedback of our support for the NCOP programme. See the individual NCOP case studies for more detail on each area. We are extremely proud to have had the opportunity of working with so many motivated young people and look forward to helping many more as the project continues.

Our three-step process:

Step  Service Objectives
1. INSPIRE Inspirational workshops:
The Lighthouse
• PH: Goals and Aspirations
To make students aware of the benefits of HE
To help students make informed choices
To set goals and make a plan of action
To view HE as an achievable and realistic target
2. EQUIP Skills-based workshops:
• CSI:Mind Mapping
Studying MADE Simple
• Exams MADE Easy
• Stepping Up
PH:Marginal Gains
• PH:Rapid Revision
• Self MADE Motivation
To give your students the tools and strategies for academic success
To help your students become motivated and independent learners
To help learners set up effective study environments at home
To assist your students in raising their attainment
To build confidence in their abilities
3. SUSTAIN Staff training

Parents’ events

Video resources

To sustain the impact of the project
To support students in making successful transitions
To embed new learning strategies into both classroom and home study practice
To support all those who will be instrumental in achieving the aims of the project


Why choose MADE? Here’s what our clients say about us…


“We asked MADE to deliver the lighthouse activity to group of year 12 students in one of our target schools. The feedback was very positive from students with statements stating that they now felt they would be able to plan and set targets for a whole range of challenges within and outside school. We felt the activities were engaging, thought-provoking and enjoyable for students in this particular age range.”
Peter Reeves, Outreach Officer – Next Steps South West NCOP

“Students from our school, The Cheadle Academy, attended two MADE Training workshops held at Staffordshire University on the 11th October 2017. The students involved included our most disengaged and least motivated students. The workshop was considered to be an excellent vehicle for them to not only improve their grades but also their confidence. Most of our weaker academic performance comes from lack of confidence not lack of intelligence. The ‘Self MADE Motivation’ workshop proved to be an excellent means of delivering that extra confidence and self belief. Students genuinely felt better about themselves after the event and felt they could achieve more, in fact just being able to recognise they could was a big step for some. They also felt a sense of entitlement to success, i.e. it was for them too. The ‘Exams MADE Easy’ workshop was equally effective in delivering a set of skills and demonstrating how what seems impossible can be achieved in a very short time, meaning that over the coming months, if the same set of skills were applied to their GCSEs then they should achieve a lot more than they think they can. Again, this linked to a belief that they could do something rather than they cant … or at least cant yet.”
Adrian Harding, Key Stage 4 Leader – The Cheadle Academy

“Yesterday went brilliantly, and I’d like to thank Joe for delivering such interesting and interactive sessions to the students. The feedback at our end is excellent, and I think that everyone who attended (including me!) had a lot to learn from the sessions. Looking forward to working together on the next event!”
Alex Sparrow, Hub Project Officer – Higher Horizons+



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