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High-impact off-timetable days

Off timetable days

These are pre-scheduled days during the academic calendar where schools have a ‘collapsed’ timetable. Pupils often stop attending their normal lessons and focus on a single topic or theme. For example, a school might schedule a subject-specific event such as a Science Immersion Day or one aligned to a progressive PSHE programme, such as a Goal Setting Key Skills Day. Off timetable days have a number of different titles: Discovery Days, Enrichment Days, Drop-Down Days and Deep-Learning Days. Whatever the name, the aim is to provide additional value to the students’ overall academic experience. There are multiple benefits to be gained from a well-planned off-timetable day delivered by MADE including participation on an equal footing for children with learning difficulties  and the opportunity for all students to put their learning into context. We work hard to ensure that our courses lead to greater student engagement and increased enthusiasm.

How can MADE help?

We offer:

• Workshops that fit within your programme of PSHE education.
• Workshops that develop a wide range of skills identifies within the PLTS framework.
• Evidence of the work undertaken by students and the associated learning occurred.
• Student output which can be used again in tutor or mentor periods.
• Teacher Support Packs to increase sustainability of impact and provide ideas for follow-up work and exercises.
• Workshops for numbers from 1 – 300 (depending on venue).
• Workshops that can fit seamlessly within your existing timetable, allowing staff and students the ease of working within their usual daily structure.
• A consultative approach wherein you can design a programme that fits your specific needs.
• Workshops to target a particular group of pupils (under-performing boys, or year 9 transition).
• Expert trainers who will both educate and entertain your students.
• Resources for all students and staff involved.

One issue raised by many schools is organisation. MADE offers you peace of mind and guarantees that you and your students will have a fantastic and beneficial experience. Another is that many PSHE teachers may not have the experience or training required to deliver PSHE education in such a way as to maximise effectiveness, or that many students find it hard to see a subject teacher also being responsible for the delivery of key messages underpinning the PSHE framework. To address these issues, MADE provides highly experienced trainers and facilitators who are experts at exploring sensitive issues in an engaging and dynamic way, allowing your students the space to discuss and explore key messages.

MADE has an outstanding reputation for organising and delivering a range of off-timetable days. Our team is more than happy to discuss the potential themes and topics you have in mind and share with you our thoughts and experiences from similar days that we have delivered.

With many schools and academies planning their interventions and activities on similar dates, you should contact us as early as possible to guarantee our availability.

“Having spoken to a number of the girls at the end of the day, I know that they were all buzzing about how much they had learned and that the experience of working with Sander had been so helpful and was great fun.”
Two girls that left Millais last September to go to Sixth Form College came into the school this afternoon for an unrelated matter and I suggested to them that they too might like to sit in on the presentation. They were blown away by the session and are taking MADE business cards back to their college tutors.For my part it was a pleasure for me to be able to host MADE here at Millais School.”

Andy Skinner, Senior Staff Member, Millais School

If you would like information on any of our programmes or would like to discuss your off-timetable day in more detail, then please call us on 0800 2707660

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