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MADE delivers skills-based training within a variety of educational contexts. We work predominantly on site with clients, either in a school, college or at home, but some clients choose to hire external conference rooms. We work right across the UK and have also delivered training internationally.
Below we describe the types of client that choose MADE to help them achieve exceptional results.

State schools

Many local authority funded state schools choose MADE as their study skills provider, including; Community Schools, Foundation and Trust Schools, Voluntary-aided Schools and Voluntary-controlled Schools. We have worked with hundreds of state schools across the UK, helping them to cultivate a community of independent learners. We do this by giving students a range of cognitive and metacognitive thinking strategies with which to achieve their best possible results.

“We have used MADE at Impington Village College to support both Year 10 and 11 for the last 3 years helping us to secure our best ever outcomes at GCSE. The facilitators provide an engaging and dynamic programme that ensures the students develop the vital skills required for exam success.”

Ryan Kelsall, Principal, Impington Village College

Academies and Free schools

Academies and free schools are independently managed institutions set up by sponsors from business, faith or voluntary groups in partnership with the local authority and the government Department for Children, Schools and Families. Many academies value the support of MADE in helping their students to achieve, whatever the design of their curriculum. Working with students, teachers and parents, we offer a threefold (tripartite) approach to enhancing learning, both in class and at home.

“What a great couple of sessions. Your facilitator, Danny, was on top form and really great with the kids. Having spoken to the majority of the students and staff, everyone got something out of it. Two members of staff even admitted to using some of the techniques in their lessons that day! We’re stoked with the outcome.”

Rob Whitney, Head of Year, Ilfracombe Academy

Faith schools

Faith schools are associated with a particular religion. We work in many faith schools and are conscious of cultural and religious protocol when on site. All MADE facilitators are taught to develop and practise a heightened sensitivity when teaching to the culture of others, be that in a single-faith or multi-faith school.

“Friday was an incredible success. Your trainer, Danny was absolutely amazing: dynamic, warm, personable and extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter. The pupils reported that they had no real idea before Friday how to revise. He also met with two staff who will take this forward in after school clubs. They too were full of praise for the content and delivery of the programme.”

Julie Ann Jones, Assistant Head, Mary Immaculate Catholic High School

Special schools

Pupils at a special school have usually been assessed and given a statement of special educational needs (SEN). These may include learning disabilities or physical disabilities. We work in a number of special schools, some funded by the local education authority, some privately, helping young people to develop their independent learning skills and approach exams with more confidence.

“It was a really useful session, presented in a clear, unambiguous way. We thought it was a dynamic and memorable experience for all those involved.”

Alison Mackie, Assistant Principal, James Brindley School

Prep schools

Preparatory schools (or prep schools) are fee-paying schools for children of the ages of 5-13, focused on preparing pupils for entry into senior private schools or high-achieving state secondary schools. We work with a number of prep schools, giving the pupils a range of effective revision strategies with which to study efficiently and achieve their best possible results.

“Thank you for the revision sessions that were organised over half term. George was really impressed with Sander who spoke to them about techniques on how to revise.  George used these during his revision sessions and also kept referring to them in conversation.  Other parents also mentioned to me how helpful that session was to their son.”

Michelle Byrnes, Parent, Wetherby Prep

Independent schools

Independent schools, also known as private schools, aim to provide outstanding academic tuition and offer their pupils additional opportunities to develop wider sporting, artistic and social skills. We work with a number of senior and all-through independent schools, giving the students a range of cognitive and metacognitive thinking strategies with which to study and revise efficiently and achieve their best possible results.

“Sander worked with a group of pupils in our boarding house who were embarking on a revision day shortly before the start of the public exam season. He grabbed their attention and got them on side quickly because he had an attractive message (make their revision easier and more effective) which he delivered with flair (humour to focus them on what he was saying, then regular dollops of useful content delivered in a way that made sense). He established a rapport with the pupils who were impressed enough to give him a spontaneous round of applause. A number of them have since told me they have used Sander’s techniques in revision and in their exams.”

David Corran, Housemaster, St. Edwards School

International schools

International schools cater mainly to students who are not nationals of the host country, such as the children of the staff of international businesses, international organisations, foreign embassies or missionary programs. International schooling encourages children to become global citizens by providing a comprehensive education with full immersion into multiple languages and cultures. International schools value our research and gathering of study strategies and look to integrate them within their own teaching and learning methodology.

“We didn’t offer any standalone study skills sessions at DCS and I was keen to have a programme with relevant strategies – the ones you presented were just what I was looking for.”

Paul Friend, Headmaster, Dulwich College Shanghai

FE colleges

Further education colleges (FE colleges) are uniquely placed to help young people make the difficult transition from school to working life. They offer educational programmes that schools, parents and employers recognise and understand. MADE delivers workshops at a number of FE colleges, not only sharing strategies for effective note-taking and studying but also helping students to participate fully in their classes and helping them to commit to finishing their programmes of study.

“I think that the students have really enjoyed the sessions. There has been a really nice mix of some physical exercises, some bits to get them thinking and some amazing memory tricks. Also, there was great use of visual aids such as the lighthouse, which allowed them to really think about their targets and how they are going to achieve them.

It was certain from the staff that I work with that they most definitely benefitted from the training. A lot of them work on a one-to-one basis with students and it will help them to understand goal setting and action planning. It will allow them to help students to set and achieve realistic targets. It was really good. Thank you.”

Mel Francis-Jones, Progression and Projects Officer, Canterbury College

Widening Participation (Universities)

MADE partners with a number of UK universities in delivering effective Widening Participation programmes. Widening Participation is a government-driven initiative to increase the number of students from under-represented groups participating in Higher Education (HE). It aims to increase take-up of HE by: raising aspirations, ensuring progression, retention and success. MADE delivers both in-house workshops to train university ambassadors in engaging with young people, but also in delivering student-facing workshops as part of a coordinated programme of outreach interventions.

“We always really look forward to any session that MADE Training deliver for us! Their sessions are always so engaging, fun and memorable for the young people we work with. The MADE team always manage to deliver sessions that are appropriate and relevant for a particular age group, whilst somehow also managing to amaze and inspire university staff and student ambassadors at the same time. The energy they bring to an event is quite outstanding, and I would highly recommend them for any university outreach activity!” 

Tasha Jones (née Gamble), Student Recruitment & Access Officer, University of Reading


Parents are in a unique position to influence the academic success of their children. They set the stage for positive behaviours with regard to learning and serve as emotional supports during stressful times of exam revision. For many parents however, school feels like a long time ago and they are unsure of how to help their child when they complain that they do not know how to study independently. We offer bespoke training for children (and parents) in the most effective and up-to-date strategies for note-taking, studying and revising.

“It was fantastic. Both my sons really enjoyed the sessions and gained a lot of ideas from them.  They both said that it will make their homework easier and they said they now knew how to revise. It was also really helpful to talk things through with my husband after your trainer had worked with the boys.  Thanks again.”

Mrs P Velasquez, Kensington

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