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Parent comments – Colchester

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MADE has worked with Colchester County High School (CCHS) since our inception in 2010. As part of its programme for whole school development, CCHS ask us to work with their students, parents and teachers. This week, one of our trainers worked with the parents. Below are a number of parent comments describing the impact and relevance of the training.

Comments from parents:

  • Interesting – techniques should be taught at schools as useful life skills
  • Clear focus for concentration
  • Very positive
  • Very pleased that this session was offered to students and parents by the school
  • Really impressed at the memory techniques and glad that the girls were exposed to it
  • Very interesting – dispelled a few myths perpetrated by the kids
  • How a parent can help their child to revise / study
  • Provided key and valuable information to aid revision and studying
  • Hope I will be able to discuss these techniques with my daughter
  • Very useful for my children who are both doing GCSEs this year
  • More focused on how to help our girls study
  • Because it was interactive, I realised that it worked! It was a great session
  • Very relevant and interesting
  • Helped me to recognise revision needs and what I can do to help my daughter
  • Feel my own memory and organisational skills will be enhanced too!
  • Very useful – the information about reviewing revised work and improving our daughter’s study area will certainly be implemented
  • The memory techniques were very enlightening
  • Energising and thought provoking
  • Good revision techniques – allows an opening to the ‘revision’ conversation
  • Has made me think about changes to my daughter’s revision space
  • Very interesting – will be using the techniques personally as well as with my child
  • Impressive techniques – I saw the results during the session. Thank you


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