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People who really understand the nature of the work we do

Dear Sander and Corin, THANK YOU so much for your fantastic work yesterday. Both sessions were dynamic and interesting, with loads of variety and activities that kept the students (and staff!) gripped. One Coach said he tested his young people on the country’s populations on the journey home and they still remembered it, after a Nando’s! We are also very grateful for your flexibility and patience with regards to the timings and set-up of the afternoon session. It is so good to work with people who really understand the nature of the work we do, and are supportive of making it work for the young people, regardless of what comes up. The materials and giveaways were a lovely touch, and I’m sure many will keep these worksheets for a long time (one Coach now has to take a picture of the exam hall in his school so they can create a Memory Palace for it). We will be in touch about future bookings at our schools very soon. Have a great week, and thank you for starting ours off so well! Amy

Amy Butterworth - Education Advisor (ThinkForward)
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