Parents’ Events

Our thought-provoking and hugely enjoyable parents’ evenings are taking the country by storm. Parents need motivating too! We have researched and collated the best strategies with which they can support their children through the different stages of their academic education.

Read about our parents’ events below:

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Parents’ Evening (KS3)

Supporting your child with independent learning

Key skills for parents:

  • Rewarding effort
  • Promoting independence and self-organisation
  • Memory techniques
  • Modelling positive habits
  • Encouraging a regular review schedule
  • Arranging an effective study environment


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Parents’ Evening (KS4)

Supporting your child through revision and exams

Key skills for parents:

  • Maintaining rapport
  • Coaching through questions
  • Condensing information
  • Memory techniques
  • Eliminating distractions
  • Revising and reviewing


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“Excellent presentation – more than I was expecting. This session has given me useful tools to help my son with his revision.”

Year 12 Parent

Henley College
“Really informative and extremely useful. A greater understanding and awareness of how I can help my child.”

Year 11 Parent

Winston Churchill Sports College

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