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Pupil Premium – Case Study

“Firstly I would like to say it was a fantastic day from start to finish and Sander is inspirational. I attended all 3 sessions Year 11, staff and parents. Each session was very useful and all who came got a lot out of it. I found Sander very approachable and receptive to ideas I had.

The Year 11 students we chose for the day were those on Pupil Premium and some are students that are on reduced timetables as don’t engage fully with school life*. These students are not all underachievers and are across the spectrum of GCSE grades. The way Sander pitched the sessions all students made sure they were all fully integrated into the group and these are students who would not normally interact. Also the little games Sander did throughout the day were very effective and I was so pleased to see all students take part even those who usually shy away from anything where they feel that they are being watched.

*A good example of this is Student A who has a reduced timetable and on the day usually left school 1 hour prior to the normal end. At the beginning of the session he kept stating that he was going at 1:30 and not staying to the end. When the bell went for 1:30 he just stayed in his seat and participated fully in the session, he won a prize for completing a particular task and was so chuffed. He also noticed that throughout the session Sander knew all the students names which showed he was paying close attention to what was going on. At the Q & A section he asked lots of really insightful questions.

Another lovely quote from Student B was when she got home she told her Mum, “I think Sander hypnotised me to want to do more structured revision.”

I have spoken to our Business Manager, Stuart, saying how great the sessions were and how we can get you in again to support our students and parents. We would like to hit new students especially and those who are thinking of coming to the school as one issue a lot of parents feel is the shock of amount of homework when their children join secondary school. With that in mind we have in September a Year 7 evening for parents and in October we have an Open evening for new parents. I feel that if we can reassure parents we are preparing their children for the transition they will be more supportive of their children when we need them to be.

We will be identifying more students on Pupil Premium who we know would benefit from the Exams Made Easy sessions and when we have a cohort I will be in touch. Again thank you very much for a great day.”

Helen Bracher – Winston Churchill School, Woking


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