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Pupil Premium – we can help


    Over the last 7 years I have helped schools organise and implement projects utilising government initiative budgets. From the ‘Excellence in Cities’ and ‘Excellence Action Zone’ funding, to the more recent Aimhigher and National Challenge funding, in my working experience there has always been access to additional financial support for assisting students with their educational and personal development. The new coalition government’s ‘Pupil Premium’ is the latest initiative to support children who are currently under-achieving.

    Since April last year, the pupil premium (an election manifesto promise from both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats) has been distributed to schools throughout the country to help bridge the gap in attainment between the better-off and the more socially deprived. Currently worth £430 per student (rising to £600 in 2012-13), the pupil premium is paid directly to schools for each child on roll who is eligible for free school meals.

    Schools are free to spend the money as they see fit, but will be held accountable for how they spend it. In the next academic year the government will also require schools to publish information online with regards to how they have used the Premium. This will not only encourage schools with a small number of pupils on free school meals (whose underachievement is masked by good overall student results) to provide more targeted support but also allow the Department for Education to provide schools with details of interventions and projects which have been proven to work.

    We at MADE are keen to continue our support in schools and academies utilising external funding streams like the Pupil Premium, as our provision is aligned with the very reason this money is allocated; to provide additional support to students who require it.

    Feel free to contact me regarding your school’s Pupil Premium allocation and how we can design a programme to meet the needs of your students.

    Corin Mitchell – 0800 2707660


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