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If only you could reach every school in the land!

What was so inspiring about Sander's approach to learning, was that he was challenging the 'learned helplessness' so many students hold in this run up to exams. Especially, if they believe their efforts will have little effect on the level they find themselves at now - having come to the end of 11 years in education! However, Sander turned that all on its head today by completely changing this mindset! By simply assuring them that by the end of the session they WILL memorise a vast set of information in a short amount of time, he started to sew the first seeds of a new found confidence in their own ability. He backed that up with several memory strategies and POW! the entire room was alive throwing the information back at him. Varying the tone and sound of his delivery and more importantly nurturing that new found confidence with positivity, encouragement, value and fun, he had every student engaged. By the end of the session he had proved and had them believe, that if they can learn this new way to focus, not only these forthcoming exams but all future learning is now well within their reach! If only you could reach every school in the land! So impressed!

Clare Williamson - Educational Consultant - Isle of Wight
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