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A refreshing new delivery method prior to those all important exams!

Hello, I just wanted to share some positive feedback from the MADE sessions delivered at Broad Oak Sports College last Friday 9th March. I was able to attend one of the Revision Skills sessions with the lower ability Y11 group and was really impressed with the delivery methods James used to engage with the students. He kept them interested throughout and it was pleasing to see that all students were making notes and taking the information provided, on board. I believe this session was well received by both students and staff as an energetic and refreshing new delivery method prior to those all important exams! A member of my team was also able to attend a session (Rapid Revision) and she fed-back with the following; The presenter was great – explained the techniques really clearly and engaged the students well, nice to see the students taking part in the activities and paying attention (the teachers were particularly impressed as they are normally a ‘livelier’ group). The content was really good – the technique was broken down step by step for the students, and they had the opportunity to trial the technique on a subject they knew nothing about with the presenter guiding them through the process. Checking what they had learnt was also a great way for the students to see how it had helped them remember information, how easy it was for them and how they could apply it to their upcoming exams. Materials – the booklets students are given are great, especially as the students can take them away and refer to them and that they play an active part in the session. School feedback – brilliant feedback from students and staff regarding all the MADE sessions that day. Furthermore, our contact at the school (Gareth) who wasn’t able to be there sent us this - I believe the feedback from Friday was brilliant from both the kids and staff.  So thank you for helping sort this out.  Look forward to working with you over the coming months. Thanks again,

Elin Stewart, Hub Manager - Greater Manchester Higher
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