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Ronaldo comments on Exams MADE Easy

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Event: Exam MADE Easy for Year 11 at Barr’s Hill School and Community College

Date: 070116

Student comments:

  • You couldn’t improve it – it was too good. Maybe bring Cristiano Ronaldo with you.
  • It helped me to know how to revise and make time for it – also I now know how to memorise.
  • It will help me a lot when I am revising myself.
  • It made me think about all the other things I could do to revise instead of just reading.
  • It taught me many different ways to revise.
  • It’ll make me revise.
  • Inspiring and it de-stressed me.
  • I now know how to revise effectively.
  • Made me rethink the way I revise and think about new ways of revision.
  • Eye-opening, it was great.
  • I can tell already that it will help me a lot with my exams.
  • I have learnt new ways to stay focused.
  • Taught me useful techniques to improve my learning and use my time effectively.
  • It’s given me more revision techniques which will improve my grades.
  • I have realised that giving up is not an option because there are many ways to revise.
  • Helped me come up with my own revision sessions for my subjects.
  • Now I know how to revise with getting bored and losing concentration.
  • The only was it could have been better was if you had skydived to enter the room.
  • It had a really great impact, I had a lot of fun. It gave me lots of ideas on how to revise.
  • New techniques to revise with that I’ll actually use!


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