Self MADE Motivation


(suitable for years 11 and above)

Developing drive and a commitment to excellence

Every young person wants to grow, develop and advance. This inspirational workshop enables students to develop a powerful inner drive and commit to continuous improvement. By doing so, the students will learn to enhance their studying skills, revision techniques and stay motivated throughout their exam periods. 

Your students will learn how to:

1. Challenge any existing, restrictive beliefs and be open to change
2. Identify their strengths and weaknesses
3. Create a plan of action for accelerating their progress
4. Develop their self-esteem, self-control and self-belief
5. Motivate themselves to deliver peak performance

 Key Skills:

• Determination
• Resilience
• Self-analysis
• Goal-setting
• Managing your internal dialogue

Workshop details:

  • Suitable for years 11 and above
  • 2 hours duration
  • Flexible timings
  • Fully resourced
  • Feedback conducted and report supplied
  • Please see our FAQ page for additional logistical information
  • Call 0800 2707660 to book this workshop
“I will now start to prioritise my work as I now feel more motivated to do so.”

Year 12 Student

Wilmington Academy
“It taught me different skills and things to help me succeed – it had a big impact on me.”

Year 10 Student

Soar Valley College
“Educational and amazing. The motivation for exams!”

Year 11 Student

Carshalton Boys

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