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Short sharp tasks were ideal

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“The Year 11’s really enjoyed the pace and depth of the workshop. Short sharp tasks were ideal for both groups in terms of engagement. Sander’s exciting and vibrant character worked well with these boys as many are demotivated and lack confidence. His character was well received. The parents also thoroughly enjoyed their experience.

Kind regards.”

Ms L Bennett
Head of Year 11
Business Studies and Economics
London Nautical School




“Very good techniques – I will use them”
“This session has helped me know different ways to revise”
“This session had a very positive impact on my learning. It was perfect”
“Teach me more skills to revise”
“It has helped quite a lot – I have gained a lot from this”
“I now know how I should revise and remember stuff”
“It showed the usefulness of visual revising”
“It has given me new and inventive ways to revise and memorise information efficiently”
“It was good because the presenter got us involved”
“It helped me look at things differently”
“It gave me the opportunity to revise properly”
“Good techniques – very helpful”
“I will use cue cards”
“Made me think about how I can revise – it was a great experience”
“More options of how to revise – I loved it”

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