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Strategies which will make their revision far more effective

I would like to just feedback on the revision session which happened yesterday with our year 11s. Firstly, the quality of the resources were excellent: engaging and purposeful. The idea of sending students away with their own pen and highlighter also worked well - they love having little gifts like this! The content of the session was pitched exactly right for our students, all of them walked out of the session with at least a couple more ideas and strategies to apply to their own independent learning, strategies which will make their revision far more effective. Lastly, and in my opinion most importantly, the trainer (Rob Snell) was fantastic. From start to finish he engaged all of the students through his delivery of the material and his passion for these revision strategies. It is always difficult at this time of year convincing class teachers to let year 11 miss some of their curriculum time, but I have feedback to all of them this morning how useful this was.

Nicola Daniels - Lead Practitioner - Cansfield High School - Wigan
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