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Students were excited to find out that Rob was coming back

I was in the sessions yesterday and really enjoyed them too. Students were excited to find out that Rob was coming back to do another workshop with them as they loved the Aspirations workshop on Futures Friday. They said his personality is great and the sessions were informative and fun. From my point of view as a teacher, I realised that we don't always spend enough time explaining how to use the revision techniques and often make assumptions i.e that students know what to highlight when highlighting key points in texts. I also think that we as teachers need to spend more time explaining how/why these methods work so that students buy into them and are willing to give them a try. Rob reads the students really well, he praises students who need to engage in the session better and learns and uses their names really quickly. He uses humour and speaks to as many of the students as he can during the sessions. I think they all feel like they know him now. Some comments from my year 11 form: "I think the sessions were really helpful. I learned new techniques for revision that I haven't thought of before." "Rob's sessions were enjoyable and definitely not boring. He brought personality and humour to them." "He really interacted with the group instead of just talking"

Kelly Maden - CEIAG Leader - Walney School - Cumbria
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