Studying MADE Simple

studying made simple

(suitable for years 9 and above)

Creative approaches for independent study

This workshop will encourage both your key stage 3 and 4 students to continue and master their learning at home and establish the best possible habits for independent studying skills and revision skills. 

Your students will learn how to:

1. Analyse their current strategies for studying
2. Use linking and narrative-based memory techniques
3. Create an effective environment for learning
4. Prioritise tasks and develop positive habits
5. Manage their distractions

 Key Skills:

• Engaging
• Condensing
• Sequencing
• Prioritising tasks
• Pushing your imagination

Workshop details:

  • Suitable for years 9 and above
  • 2 hours duration
  • Flexible timings
  • Fully resourced
  • Feedback conducted and report supplied
  • Please see our FAQ page for additional logistical information
  • Call 0800 2707660 to book this workshop
“It taught me to be serious with studying and to have a focussed determination when revising.”

Year 10 Student

Walworth Academy
“It made me realise there’s more to revising.”

Year 10 Student

Mary Immaculate High School
“Made me realise I need to change my environment and prioritise my tasks. I will be able to study more effectively now.”

Year 11 Student

Milford Haven School

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