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Summer School – aiding transition

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Last year MADE supported a number of UK schools with its summer school programmes. We can provide workshops aimed at helping your students make an effortless transition from primary to secondary education. The government have recognised the effectiveness of summer school programmes and provide funding for schools to establish them. In this article, we look at the benefits of summer schools and provide links for you to explore the topic further.

What is a summer school?

A summer school is a course, usually lasting a week or more, during which attendees are offered an introduction to certain subjects, combined with extracurricular activities. As the name suggests, these courses typically take place over the summer between primary and secondary school.

Reasons you might want to establish a summer school:

To prepare for secondary school – if you’re looking for ways to help students move from primary to secondary school, then a summer school can work really well. The attendees will be better informed to what it will be like, what’s on offer and what is expected from them.

To develop academic skills – perhaps the most obvious reason for attending a summer school is to give your students a better chance of doing well in their studies and ultimately, exams. A summer school provides a scholarly environment in which the focus is to learn and explore. The intensive study keeps up the learning momentum and your students can completely immerse themselves in higher level learning for days at a time.

To develop confidence – a summer school is a perfect opportunity to make new friends and develop social skills. A popular reason for many FSM students to take a summer school programme is to develop their verbal and written English skills before starting secondary school in September. A summer school can also help students develop their academic vocabulary to help support them with what’s in store.

Summer schools are a lot of fun, too!

There is no doubt that summer schools bring the students who attend them a wealth of benefits alongside the academic knowledge and social skills they offer. It should also be remembered that summer schools can be great fun!


MADE has collated the links which will provide you with all you need to know about the effectiveness of summer schools and how to go about organising one,

Government guidance notes:


Application form:


Impact of summer schools:


EEF research on Summer schools:


Research in brief:



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