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Students who are often hard to motivate all came out buzzing!

Crookhorn College welcomed back Sander for their Year 8 study skills day which was another fantastic day where our students were picking up skills needed for revising. Crookhorn has worked with MADE for the last 4 years and have a rolling programme where each year group have a designated day when they look at the best ways for them to study. Our students all know MADE and Sander now and look forward to the sessions, which is great for us! During the day, we chose some year 11 students who had a motivational power hour session, designed to boost their confidence going into the academic year. This was brilliant and our students who are often hard to motivate all came out buzzing. Two of them even punched their way through a piece of wood but I will let MADE explain that one!!

James Collins. Deputy Head. Crookhorn College. Hampshire
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James had them eating out of the palm of his hand

Dear Corin, All 3 of our workshops were good, the kids got lots out of it. I didn’t get to see Sander doing the year 10 one on Monday. As year 9 are my own year group and sometimes don’t represent themselves in the best light I stayed with them. However James had them eating out of the palm of his hand. In the whole year group there were only two young ladies, I had to reprimand for poor behaviour and they were in the same session together at the back, but he got them involved too. I was in with Sander all day on the Tuesday, this is the first time year 8 have had such a workshop. We took the step to try and prepare them for GCSEs commencing in year 9. Sander is very engaging and keeps the ‘more challenging’ personalities in his eye line and engages as often as possible, which is something you learn over time, and shows well.

Mrs H M Line, Progress Leader (KS4) + Raising Aspirations Coordinator (KS3/4). Babington Academy
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