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“Thank you ever so much for the teacher resource packs, they will be extremely useful. I myself am very interested in hosting either a parental event or the CSI:MADE one, but will have to talk to the Head about arranging one or both of these, so will pass the information onto him. 

The workshops were both very well received by the students and staff alike. Danny appeared passionate about the techniques he was delivering and came across as confident and approachable. He was also very helpful after the session when discussing more about the workshops and techniques with my colleague and I, so please thank him again on my behalf. Some of the students I spoke to were initially apprehensive about attending the session, but all were in agreement that it was very worthwhile and better than their expectations. Nearly all students were keen to take the resources he had given them with them at the end of the day in order to use at home.

Thanks again and best wishes.”

Beth Wilson, Teacher of History
Mary Immaculate – Cardiff

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