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On Thursday 15th December I had the pleasure of attending my first Teachmeet – #TMOXFORD at The Cheney School in Oxford, hosted by Amjad Ali. I was impressed by both the format and the speakers. The format is one of short presentations, ranging from 3-12 minutes in length. Each speaker had a clear topic/objective covering aspects such as behaviour, assessment and leadership. The outstanding moment for me was the first speaker; Sir Tim Brighouse. I had heard lots about him but until last night had not had the pleasure of hearing him speak live. He spoke with a relaxed confidence, charm and wit. He described the objectives of the Teachmeet as offering ‘low effort – high impact’ strategies for school improvement. He then went on to describe one that he was currently interested in, which was context-dependent revision and promptly referred to the application of spatial memory (the memory palace). I was pleased-as-punch because this is one of the key strategies which we share with students, teachers and parents across the country.

Overall, a thoroughly beneficial evening from which I came away with a number of ideas to test and implement within our workshops.

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