Thinking Big

thinking big

(suitable for years 6 and 7)

Developing growth mindsets

This workshop is perfect for aiding transition from primary to secondary schooling. It has been designed to help year 6 and 7 students to develop a ‘growth mindset’. Your students will be encouraged to reflect on their current approaches to studying, and to decide on simple changes to make their transition and secondary schooling an exciting and successful experience. Through accepting responsibility for their actions and progress, your students will be able to build their self-belief whilst developing the habits of resilience and perseverance. This workshop will help your students to embrace secondary school with confidence. They are sure to be inspired and equipped with the strategies to succeed.

Your students will learn how to:

1. Embrace new opportunities
2. Take responsibility for their actions
3. Develop their creativity
4. Get organised and feel in control
5. Build their confidence in learning

 Key Skills:

• Confidence
• Responsibility
• Self-control
• Organising
• Memorising

Workshop details:

  • Suitable for years 6 and 7
  • 2 hours duration
  • Flexible timings
  • Fully resourced
  • Feedback conducted and report supplied
  • Please see our FAQ page for additional logistical information
  • Call 0800 2707660 to book this workshop
“This has taught me to have self confidence and be imaginative. It told me that I should never give up”.

Year 7 student

Sion Manning School
“My Year 7 class said it was ‘awesome’. They felt apprehensive at the start, but your trainer made them feel they could express themselves. They liked all the activities they did and thus participated enthusiastically! Would they do it again? Unanimous YES!”

Mrs T Abena

Assistant Head of Year, Plashet School
“When I came I was doubting everything but now I’m confident! It encouraged me to try my hardest not to be embarrassed or shy and try out new things.”

Year 7 student

The Holte School

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