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The Challenge of transition

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An essential thing every student should do to ensure a successful transition between key stages is to set achievable goals. Goal setting for transition is vital because it will help each student to identify areas where they need to develop their skills and knowledge. This will help them gain the most from their transitioning experience.

Workshop: The Lighthouse (previously The Challenge) has been designed to help students to not only set goals but also to plan actions, set a timeline and take note of any potential obstacles. All students who attend this workshop will complete their own personal ‘light houses’ which will hold all of their ideas and actions.
We now have two versions of The Lighthouse with relevant content for each key stage transition.


The Lighthouse for KS3-4

“This has helped me with everything for the future. It inspires me to do more and it will help me to strive for my targets.”

Byron – Year 9 student, Stoke


The Lighthouse for KS4-5

“It gave me clearer views on what I want to achieve and made it seem more plausible.”

Sam – Year 12 student, Birmingham
Setting goals will help your students to identify where they may need help. By identifying the areas in which they need to improve and by deciding on actions to develop those areas, your students will make their transition a success.

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