What we do and why

MADE vision and values

Our mission is to educate and motivate students to be able to realise their full potential and attain success, both academically and throughout their lifetimes.


The vision of MADE is to empower students to harness their own creativity, to develop a personal approach to studying and revision and to recognise that progress comes through focused effort. We work in collaboration with the academic community to achieve the best possible results for all students, inspiring success, because we are passionate about what we do and have a deep-rooted belief in the benefit of education.


Innovation – Researching, Creating, Refining
Care – Listening, Understanding, Appreciating
Excellence – Striving, Succeeding, Unwavering
Enthusiasm – Motivating, Inspiring, Exciting


1. High quality and highly qualified trainers. We know that our courses can only be as good as those delivering them. Therefore, we vet and train our facilitators exceptionally thoroughly. When recruiting, we typically receive 150+ applications, of which approximately 10 are interviewed. From the ten, on average two go through to the training phase. Each carefully selected recruit, undergoes intensive training and co-delivery over a six-month period throughout which they are observed and appraised. Those successful then join the associate team and are regularly supervised and monitored to ensure that they continue to deliver the best quality training and are continually progressing. Quarterly team development sessions are held to share best practice and contribute to workshop development and design.

2. Ongoing research. Research and development is a cornerstone of our business plan. MADE is committed to sharing the best and most relevant strategies for teaching and learning with students, parents and teachers across the UK. To do this, we focus our research within areas which will help us to develop new, innovative workshops and to deliver those in a dynamic and engaging manner. To ensure that our workshops remain relevant, we pay close attention to educational reform and curriculum development. Research is an ongoing process throughout the year for us, it is however most concentrated during exam and holiday periods. We share our findings through the blog and our newsletter.

3. Delivery mechanism. The MADE delivery mechanism has been designed with care to achieve the best possible results with your students. Each workshop has been structured around a 25 minute ‘flow’ model to maintain students’ attention and ability to focus. Each technique is shared within a structure of: 1) learn 2) demonstrate 3) apply 4) reflect. This structure allows each student to learn through experience, contextualise what they have learnt and reflect on how they will integrate the strategy within their current approach to studying and revision. Our multi-media presentations further engage the students, resulting in a concrete learning experience.

4. Superior resources. As a workshop provider, we know that both the content and activities need to be moving our learners towards the workshop goals. One vital part of facilitating that journey is the worksheet. Our worksheets are designed to give course participants an opportunity to put into action what was shared in the workshop. They are also beautiful! We know that students will engage with a worksheet (and take it away with them) if it is visually appealing, colourful, printed on quality stock and easy-to-use. We love our resources and hope that you will too.

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