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Excellent quality for excellent results

Our mission is to educate and motivate students to be able to realise their full potential and attain excellent results, both academically and throughout their lifetimes. To facilitate this, we deliver workshops in which students learn, practise and apply, a range of thinking and learning strategies.


We started MADE back in 2010, and quickly realised that the resources which accompanied our live workshops needed to reflect the quality of the training and furthermore, the quality of the desired outcomes.

We rapidly moved from photocopied sheets to professionally designed, full-colour, folded worksheets. These worksheets doubled as a poster, so each student could stick it on their wall when they went home. We quickly noticed a dramatic change in the students we worked with. In the past, where perhaps 50% would take their sheet away with them, now over 95% do. There is pride in the product from both sides. We deliver a quality resource and the students personalise it with their own thoughts, ideas and character!


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Back in 2010-11, we noticed that some students would come to our workshops without a pen. Fancy that! This phenomena has grown over the last few years, with increasing numbers of students coming to school without a writing implement.

We wanted to make sure that every student could take part in their MADE workshop, without troubling our clients with the provision of pens. We realised that if we were going to equip every student a pen, then it should be one of quality; a pen that they felt good writing with. In fact, each student should have access to a complete set of high quality tools to create outcomes that they were proud of. How were we going to do this? We decided to go straight to the top! We approached STABILO to find out if they could help, and they agreed. STABILO are committed to providing every student who attends a MADE workshop with an exam-compliant pen. They also provided us with amazing coloured pens, highlighters and prizes to encourage students to engage with the workshops, test the techniques and create excellent results.


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