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Year 7 workshop comments – Thinking BIG

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We have delivered our new year 7 workshop, Thinking BIG to over 500 students this month and we are delighted with the feedback. Here is what some of the students were saying this month:


“Lots of impact – I will do loads of new things thanks to the lesson and MADE’s help”. Ajmal

“To think big and to be confident in yourself as no one is stopping you from being who you are”. Yousuf

“A big help. Makes me feel more responsible”. Chris

Appleby, Cumbria:

“It was quite touching. It has motivated me. I feel more in control”. Emily

“It was exciting and made me think. It has taught me a lot”. George

“A good experience. It has helped me a lot. I will try new things”. Jake

 Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire:

“It’s taught me a lot of things about habits and getting prepared”. Chloe

“It has inspired me to try to work harder”. Ebony

“This lesson was awesome. It has made a big impact on me”. Declan

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