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We have worked with hundreds of schools and colleges across the UK and are always impressed by the commitment and dedication of the staff and SLT we meet in delivering first class lessons and providing a supportive environment wherein which to learn. MADE was created with the aim of working with schools to give students the strategies for independent learning to help them make the most of what you provide. Follow our action plan for this year and give your students the tools for success:

  • Identify your teaching goals and objectives. What are your targets with regard to your students raising their attainment in this year?
  • Identify your students strengths and weaknesses. Do your students need to build their ambition and become responsible for their own academic success? Do they need to be able to study independently and be committed to timely and effective revision? Or perhaps both? 
  • Select the possible dates for training your selected student cohort.
  • Call Corin Mitchell on 0870 2707660 to confirm our availability and book the best date for you and your students.
  • Request a staff twilight and a parents evening to ensure the best possible impact.
  • Enjoy your weekend, safe in the knowledge that your students will learn the skills they require to get studying and revising.

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