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FA young referees – Case Study

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Case Study: Football Association FA

Course: FA Challenge

Delegates: FA young referees

MADE was invited by the Football Association to work with a group of FA young referees. The delegates chosen had been identified by the FA as having the potential to become future Premiership match officials. MADE was tasked by the Football Association to help them set goals, create action plans and to enable them to focus under demanding conditions.  FA National Referee Manager Roger Vaughan, asked MADE to deliver a workshop based around the ideas within its popular programme The Challenge, yet with a specific slant on refereeing. To do this, we created a bespoke version of the Lighthouse visual guide entitled ‘The World Cup Plinth’ which had a fantastic impact on the delegates.

“Fantastic, simple and easy to implement. The way in which the world cup plinth was built up and how everything links in with each other worked really well. Although I think about it regularly, it is much clearer written on paper.”

Andrew – Trainee match official


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