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Our most frequently asked questions:

What is the structure of a typical student-focused delivery day?


During a standard school day we can deliver two student-focused workshops (morning and afternoon) followed by a staff overview session.


How long are the student workshops?


Our main suite of student workshops are each two hours in length, though we can be slightly flexible. Our ‘Power Hour’ workshops are one hour in length. The bonus staff overview session lasts approximately 30 minutes with the extended twilight session lasting an hour.


Are the timings of the sessions flexible?


We understand that every school timetable is different. Each workshop can be slightly shortened or extended to fit your logistical requirements.


Where will the workshops take place?


Our workshops generally take place in a school hall, raked auditorium, conference suite or study centre. A stage or raised platform is useful for the trainer to address large groups. Sports halls are generally not the most effective spaces for workshops due to the poor acoustics.


How many students do you work with in each session?


We can work with numbers ranging from 15 to 100+ students in each session, dependent on the venue. If you are planning group sizes of more than 100, then please call us for advice. If you are planning a whole-year intervention, we would recommend half the cohort in the morning session followed by the second half in the afternoon session.


What resources will the students receive?


During the sessions, each student will complete a full-colour, A3-sized worksheet which, when completed, will become a review poster which the students can stick on their bedroom wall. All students who come to the sessions will receive a STABILO Point88 fineliner which they can use to complete the worksheets.


If we only have one hour available, do you run shorter sessions?


Yes. Our POWER HOUR workshops have been designed as bite-sized training sessions, fitting perfectly within an hour slot . Call the office and together we can design a programme to fit your requirements.


How should the students be seated?


To facilitate the best possible sessions, we ask for students to be seated around tables in a café style with 4-8 students on each table. This will allow students to benefit the most from the collaborative discussions and exercises.


How should my staff be involved?


It is of great benefit to the students when staff are actively participating in the workshops. To facilitate the best possible sessions, please encourage your staff to engage in the exercises, assist students during the group activities and promote positive behaviour throughout the workshop.

We recommend one teacher for every 30 students.


Can the staff overview session happen at a different time?


Yes, we are happy to deliver the staff session any time during the day at your convenience.


I understand that you also provide parents evenings. Can I add one to the day?


Yes, we like to work with as many parents as possible as we believe that their input is extremely beneficial to a child’s academic success. There is a small additional charge for these events. Please call the office for details.


Do you evaluate the workshops?


Yes, both quantitatively and qualitatively. We will provide you and your colleagues with a feedback report containing both student and staff statistics and comments from the day. This will be sent to you within days of each live training event.


Can I speak to a local school that has used your services?


Absolutely, we work with hundreds of schools, academies, colleges and universities every year and are happy to put you in touch with partner schools in your area. Please contact the office for more information.


How do I book my training?


Simply call or email Corin Mitchell, our project manager, to discuss your requirements. We will check our availability and find a suitable date. Once agreed, a booking form will be sent to you for completion and return.


When do I pay for the training?


You will be sent an invoice seven days prior to the event. The payment is due within seven days of the delivery date.


Do you have something I can use to promote the day to my students and staff?


Yes, once the day is booked you will receive a printable colour poster that you can display in student and staff areas to generate interest prior to your training.

Also, a set of training videos are being created which students, parents and teachers can view before the live delivery of any workshop. These movies will inform and enthuse your delegates and activate the relevant prior-learning involved with the workshop content. (Planned launch date: September 2016)


Do you cater for partially sighted students?


Yes. We can supply the relevant worksheets (in pdf format) in advance of any live delivery so that you can enlarge the worksheet if necessary. Our powerpoint slides have been designed to act as visual prompts and therefore do not contain large amounts of text which the students are expected to read. We would however recommend that any partially sighted students are sat near to the front and close to the trainer. Please identify those students to the trainer before the sessions begin.


What if we have large numbers of students with SEN or EAL?


We have worked in many different schools and with a huge variety of students. On the whole, students with mild SEN welcome the dynamic and interactive nature of the sessions and benefit from them greatly. If you have students who are slightly uncomfortable with a change from their regular timetable, then we welcome LSAs to sit with their students and support them. We do not recommend grouping your SEN students all together on one table. If you have a high percentage of students with SEN or EAL, then you might want to consider dedicated sessions. Please call us to discuss your specific needs.

Can I contact you outside normal school hours?


Yes. We understand that for many educators, organising training and impact days may be done in the evenings or weekends. Call our freephone number or contact us by email to arrange a discussion outside normal working hours.

Call us on 0800 2707660 to discuss your requirements.


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