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Defining Leadership



In modern educational institutions good leaders are an enabling force, helping their staff to perform and develop. This implies that alignment is achieved between the aims of the institution and the needs of its personnel. The traditional idea of a leader being the chief at the top of a heirachy is incomplete. Effective leadership does not necessarily require great technical skill or intellectual capacity. These attributes will of course help, but they are not essential. Excellent leadership in modern working environments requires attitudes and behaviours which characterise and relate to humanity. The concept of serving is key to the leadership role.


Good leadership involves serving the institution and those within it. Ineffective leaders tend to invert this concept and consider merely that the leader must be served by the people. This faulty idea builds a notion that leadership is an opportunity to gain at the expense of others. Good leadership is of course about getting the best out of all the available people, resources and opportunities at hand. First and foremost, leadership is concerned with human relationships.

Good leadership demands emotional strength and consistent behaviour. If a leader wants others to adopt a behaviour, then they must model it themselves. If a leader wants others to adopt a mental perspective, then they must show their own ability to think in that manner. Leaders lead by example. Good leaders are followed chiefly because people trust and respect them. Leadership is essentially about modelling behaviour.

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Through consultation with yourselves, we can specify a programme that will fit your needs and deliver the results you are looking for. We are keen to ensure that any development work is tailored specifically to meet the challenges you have identified within your team dynamic. With this in mind we encourage you to ask yourself these two questions before contacting us:

  1. How would you describe the current leadership qualities of your senior managers and in which specific areas do you feel they lack quality or require support?
  2. What do you feel is the most important area you would like to address?


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