Exams MADE Easy

exams made easy

(suitable for years 11 and above)

Powerful revision and exam preparation strategies

This workshop equips students of all abilities with the most relevant strategies to take control of their revision and exam preparation.

Your students will learn how to:

1. Motivate themselves to revise
2. Analyse their performance and prioritise their efforts
3. Condense information and create cue cards
4. Use mnemonic and spatial memory techniques
5. Use spaced learning strategies to beat procrastination,
increase productivity and enable knowledge mastery

 Key Skills:

• Revising
• Timetabling
• Memorising
• Discipline
• Overcoming procrastination

Workshop details:

  • Suitable for years 11 and above
  • 2 hours duration
  • Flexible timings
  • Fully resourced
  • Feedback conducted and report supplied
  • Please see our FAQ page for additional logistical information
  • Call 0800 2707660 to book this workshop
“Opened up new ways of revising and installed in me the confidence to know how to do it effectively.”

Year 11 Student

Davidson High
“It has shown me what techniques I can use to help me get my GCSEs.”

Year 11 Student

Christleton High School
“It showed me how I could improve my revision and it really helped.”

Year 11 Student

Dyffryn School

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